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Youth vote in the news 🗞: Week of 11/28

Youth vote in the news 🗞: Week of 11/21

A dispatch from the Students Learn Students Vote Coalition's National Summit

Youth vote in the news 🗞

Young women are fed up, but eager to take action

Election Day.

‘The campus vibe has definitely gotten worse’

Happy National Civics Day

'This absolute litmus test': The politics of being pro-Israel as a young Democrat

How the immediate politicization of Hamas' attack on Israel impacted Jewish students

'This is an attempt to protect the next generation': A youth-led push to make the internet safer for young people

The White House leans into youth vote priorities

Happy National Voter Registration Day 🥳

'It’s time for a new generation of leaders'

'Gen Z community advocate' Isaiah Martin is running for Congress in Texas

Young Republicans chime in ahead of the GOP's big night 🔔

Forward thinking at Millennial Action Project's 'Future Summit'

Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo’s on a mission to make semiconductor jobs trendy

'It's about rebranding politics from the inside out': Q&A with Girl and the Gov

Pushing back against an 'assault on Gen Z rights'

What can a community’s media environment say about youth voter turnout?

A dispatch from two days in Miami - where a tangible political current is running through the city, according to some of its youngest residents

Concerned, but engaged.

Ohio students hold 'mock funeral' for higher education as state lawmakers move to pass education bill

She could be the first Gen Z woman in Congress...

'Democracy is a verb': Action-oriented civics unfolds in the nation's capitol

The youth vote was instrumental in 2022 — maybe more so than we had already realized

'Everything I'm about to tell you is true': 29-year-old Zak Malamed launches campaign for Congress in GOP Rep. George Santos' district

Republicans are running for President - mostly without young voters, as seen in FWIW

The youth voter space gears up for 2024 🚀

A day of youth vote reactions to President Joe Biden’s reelection campaign launch

'Young Americans don’t want to live in a place where they have fewer rights than their parents did': This spring's Harvard IOP Youth Poll offers new insight into the psyche of Gen Z

Student walkouts and continued organizing

'People are not sitting back': After Tennessee, young progressives say they want to run for office

Cyber hygiene and a youth-vote news cycle 🗞

An update from Nashville

'When you invest in young voters, you get more votes'

Young voters tune into Wisconsin Supreme Court election, where abortion access is top of mind

A look behind the scenes of the Nashville student walkouts for gun safety

The youth vs. state lawmakers

What a TikTok ban could mean for young voters...

A situationship: President Joe Biden and young people

‘A big deal’: The US Department of Labor launches ‘Youth Employment Works,’ a national strategy to boost youth employment

'Go for .Gov': As Big Tech slashes jobs, student career network Handshake suggests applying to roles in the federal government

It's a big day for student loan borrowers at the Supreme Court ⚖️

From teen girls to senators, mental health headlines are everywhere. How do we cover it and what do we make of it?

The Up and Up Live, a conversation with Karly Matthews of conservative environmental group American Conservation Coalition

A youth-vote check-in 🌡 as Biden preps for his second State of the Union 🇺🇸

Issue focused, info-hungry, and reliant on social media: New report gives more context about young voters in the 2022 midterms

The Up and Up Live, a conversation with student-activist Jack Petocz

'What's hot right now': Meet Gen-Z PAC

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All politics is local

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